Bioheat International BV is a Dutch international trader in carbon credits (ERUs, CERs) derived from bioenergy projects, unique in the world and the first mover in its field. Bioheat International coordinates the development of carbon emission reduction projects, bundles small scale bioenergy projects into bigger portfolio’s, facilitates investments and trades in carbon credits. Bioheat International has very experienced partners for the project development and has very relevant references completed in Central Europe and abroad.

What has Bioheat International to offer you?
-purchase and sales of carbon credits (ERUs, CERs)
-no time consuming and cumbersome  bureaucratic procedures;
 Bioheat International takes care of it
-bundling of small scale projects into big bioenergy portfolios
-favourable financing facilities
-the best price and conditions to its participants
-focus on bioenergy projects & afforestation/reforestation projects

Are you interested to participate in our projects and services, please take a look at our website & don’t hesitate to contact us.